Help Your Child Speak Confidently

Choose confidence-building speech therapy in Greeley or Loveland, CO

Does your child find speaking difficult or frustrating? You can help them work through speech issues by bringing them to Northern Colorado Speech Therapy. Our speech therapy practitioners help kids learn to express themselves with ease - and have fun along the way. Call 970-301-4206 now to schedule exceptional speech therapy services in either of our Greeley, CO offices. You can also call our Loveland, CO office at 970-800-3287.

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Complete Services

Autism Testing & Treatment

Find out about the skills your child can build with autism treatment.

Autism Testing & Treatment

Your child can build skills that last

When we meet with your child to conduct a free screening and create a treatment plan, we'll draw from our expertise in speech-language pathology. We're prepared us to treat a variety of speech disorders and developmental differences.

Your child will participate in speech therapy services tailored to their needs. They'll develop speech-related skills through games and activities in a supportive environment. The skills they learn and the memories they make will last a lifetime.

What else can we help your child with?

Many children who have speech disorders also face other issues and need other therapy. We can provide your child help with anything from auditory comprehension to nonverbal communication.

We help kids work on:

Auditory comprehension

Visual perception

Social interaction


Nonverbal communication

We also offer autism treatment for kids who have autism spectrum disorder, as well as autism testing.

Additionally, you can come to us for educational training sessions. You can add tips from our professionals to your toolbox of ways to support your child. Use our support to help your child thrive.